Our Boats

The fast boat journey, undertaken by our Company, not only connects these mesmerizing islands but also offers a memorable travel experience. As you cruise over the turquoise waters of the Indonesian archipelago, the boat makes a stop at the Banjar Nyuh port in Nusa Penida, allowing passengers to disembark and begin their island adventures in a convenient and efficient manner. Whether you’re a diver, a nature enthusiast, or a traveler seeking pristine beaches and captivating landscapes, Starfish Fast Cruise makes your journey to these remarkable destinations both safe and enjoyable. Our fastboat has a capacity of 70 passengers and is fully equipped with :

  • 2 Unit Life Rafts
  • 4 Unit Life Rings
  • First aid kid box
  • 80 life jackets for adult
  • 5 life jackets for infant
  • 3 Unit fire extinguishers
  • Insured by PT. Jasa Raharja